The dRC provides services, free of charge, that allow individuals to live independently:

Information and Referral - Advises individuals and families on where to go and how to get needed services, resources and information at all levels…locally, state and national resources.

Peer Support – Provides individuals with the opportunity to talk to someone who is also disabled through the sharing of their personal experience to reach their own independent living goals.

Independent Living Skills - Provides individuals with information and opportunities for learning  to develop the skills needed to achieve independence. Some examples include how to be a better self-advocate, create a budget, taking computer classes, job searching skills, and how to use public transportation.

Advocacy – Advocacy can be easily defined as an action that produces change.  We provide advocacy at  both the individual and systems level.  We can offer information on how to investigate concerns/claims when civil rights have been violated; make sure accessible parking laws are enforced, advocate for more affordable and accessible housing,  help individuals appeal a SSI/SSDI claim and advocate for inclusion in society.

Special Programs & Services

    • Community Companions is a social networking group for individuals ages 18-35 to meet new people and build healthy friendships.
    • Disability Benefits Counseling:
      dRC can assist individuals in applying for food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, financial aid assistance for college as well as information and guidance in applying for or appealing SSI/SSDI.
    • Community Education Programs & Services: dRC is ready to provide assistance and education to nearly any organization, school, business or ministry. We can provide programs on a variety of topics ranging from disability history, laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities (the ADA), Fair Housing, and providing accessibility surveys.
    • Equipment Rental: Ramps, assistive listening systems for business meetings and training.